Sony remind us that the Welcome Back Program ends soon

All PSN members who had signed up before the psn outage (April 20, 2011) will be able to select two games for the PS3 system and two games for the PSP system.

Now Sony reminds you that the Welcome Back Program will end in a few days.

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Tailor-DKS2361d ago

good to know, thx sony for the games..

GrandTheftZamboni2361d ago

Does anyone know what happened to free movies? I think it was part of the program, but can't find them now.

firemassacre2361d ago

my ps3 broke 1 month ago and i was wondering ( if i get it fixed will i still to this date be able to get a welcome package?

MintBerryCrunch2361d ago

you got until the deadline, once its passed, the offer will be gone

the moment you go to the store, it will be the first option that you click on, its not like you have to go and look for it

firemassacre2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

thanks bubbles 4 u @ kuro

Kur02361d ago

Try to download it on your account on a friends PS3.

Bathyj2361d ago

I just moved house, got no internet, and I'm going on holiday tomorrow so it looks like I'll miss out.

Oh well, Quest for Booty is the only gae I didnt have anyway, can pick that up for nothing.

gamingdroid2361d ago

Yeah, I have been gone for a while right after the outage was restored. So no free game for me either it looks...

Persistantthug2361d ago

If so, assuming you have a PS3 now, all you would need to do is log into your account and 'BAM'...there you go.

gamingdroid2360d ago

I'm out half way across the country right now in a completely different state than home. I left in mid May, and haven't been back since.

Since I can't redeem the offer via their website, and I'm no where near my PS3... I'm outta luck!

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RichterBelmont2361d ago

The PS Plus goodies should be better from July to August, as seemingly everyone redeemed their 30 days right when it was available. Looking forward to them. :D

jack_burt0n2361d ago

yeah they are going to roll out crazy freebies to get ppl to re sub :) i have so many free games from plus.

i would pay for plus just for cloud saves tbh.

LoneWanderer092360d ago

Thanks sony for the 2 free months added to my subscription

Sugreev20012360d ago

I was about to say the same thing.