Diehard GameFAN: Child of Eden Review

DHGF: Child of Eden is the sort of gaming experience that is going to be divisive, simply because it’s more an artistic expression piece attached to a shooter than a fully realized game, and as such, the journey is more important than the destination. The game plays perfectly fine for the most part, though there are some issues with Kinect play, and anyone who is a fan of Panzer Dragoon or Rez will be immediately at home with the mechanics. There are also plenty of aesthetically pleasant novelties to unlock, such as decorations for the game hub and videos and artwork, as well as leaderboards to upload your scores to and higher score ranks to break if you’re looking for the best score possible. The aesthetics of the game are the major selling point, however, as the game is an experience in visual and aural beauty that, for the right person, can be genuinely affecting and emotionally resonant. However, if you’re not interested in the artistic merits of the experience and not a big fan of going back and increasing your high scores, well then, the game is going to be one that you won’t find much appreciation for; you can clear out the five main nodes in about two hours, and while there is the sixth node, Hope, as well as the other difficulties to plow through, this doesn’t add anything dramatic to the experience beyond what you’ll see in those first couple hours.

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