Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation Review - writes: "Annihilation is more than a simple map pack, of course - it's a map pack for the most successful video game of all time, released just a couple of weeks before Activision starts publicly trialling Elite, Call of Duty's latest online gambit with optional subscription features. With map packs making up a large chunk of Elite's subscription appeal, millions of eyes are currently using Treyarch's current performance to judge whether or not Elite will be a success in the future.

For the present, though, these are another batch of consistently entertaining maps built on the solid bedrock of sprawling architectural foundations."

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Ares842579d ago

I'm only interested in the zombie map in this one as well. I wish they made it separate from the MP maps and made it $4.99 and the MP maps $9.99.

This way I wouldn't have to spend money on stuff I don't ever use.