Nintendo: Lineup Summer-Fall 2011. Mario Kart and SuperMario go on 3DS

It's going to very hot summer for owners of Nintendo 3DS ™, Nintendo DS ™ and Wii ™, Nintendo announced the line up of games coming for the summer and autumn 2011.
We will see the long-awaited return of Fox McCloud! Star Fox64 ™ will arrive on Nintendo 3DS 3D 9 September 2011 with a graphic remastered from the original title for Nintendo ® 64 offers a greater level of detail. Nintendo, in addition to the classic controls and the new ones proposed by Nintendo 3DS, has also integrated the use of the gyroscopic sensor and motion-sensitive controls. It will also be possible to fight face to face with friends: in fact, through the internal camera, displays, live video, each player's facial expressions during close combat in multiplayer.

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Keith Olbermann2641d ago

Another Mario Kart and StarFox?? Shocker!!

Foxgod2641d ago

Great, i want them both :)

pepsilover_20072641d ago

i want all of the above, except star fox need some online play....