LAG: Warhawk 4 Years On

LAG Writes: "Back when the PS3 was in its infancy, in the midst of all the FPS, games another type of shooter was released, boasting the use of vehicles such as tanks and aircraft, this game was Warhawk."

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Shadow Flare2457d ago

Nice article but just to correct something they said; the official servers haven't "long since gone". Not in CTF anyway. As of now there are 2 official CTF servers and they are constantly full up. In the list of rooms, the blue ones are the official servers

This is still the most fun online experience I've had. To think it's 4 years old.....

firemassacre2457d ago

this game is surprisingly very fun, and its dirt cheap.

Jury2457d ago

Best Game i've ever played....and i've played everything

going on 2000 hours on this bad boy

mastershredder2457d ago

I'd have to say the same. With as many hours as I have put into Warhawk no other game has captivated me like this. The near misses and narrow escapes make the hair on your neck stand up, if not make you stand up. So gratifying too.

Jury2457d ago

Yes agree with shadow flair, I only play official servers so yes, they are still there and active...just less of them.

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