PES 2012's superior "pure gameplay" will "smash" FIFA 12 - Konami

OXM UK: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 may not have "the atmosphere, the crowds and certain licenses" enjoyed by rival FIFA 12, but Konami is aiming to "smash" the EA Sports title in "pure gameplay" terms."

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MintBerryCrunch2579d ago

selective info i see

the guy even says that Fifa will be better than PES in certain aspects, the moment he says the word "smash" it has to be in the title as though its being talked about throughout the whole article

plus it wasnt Konami, but Jon Murphy, one of the lead devs

here is another article that doesnt sensationalize the quote

badz1492579d ago

few years back, it was EA Sports saying this kind of things!

kza2579d ago

PES 2011 was better than Fifa anyway so this shoud be aswell.


Personally I don't even care if it's better or worse than FIFA. I can't stand FIFA... I just hope they make PES better than what it has been since 2008. The last 4 games had barely evolved and also had been uninpressive compared to the former Winning Eleven glory.

DMason2578d ago

PES better than FIFA? That actually made me laugh.

On topic, FIFA is light years ahead of PES. Funny, I didnt hear gaming outlets praising PES during E3. Oh thats right, it was FIFA they were going wild for.

Pintheshadows2579d ago

Hahahahaha, if you want that to happen release a a PES 5 hd remake.

HaHa_Ostrich2579d ago

I dont mind licenses or graphics, because the gameplay is great. What I cannot understand is this. How hard/expensive is it to hire a couple of professionals to do good commentary? I mean good accurate commentary. It doesnt have to be stellar, just good would be more than enough,

Nate-Dog2579d ago

I couldn't agree more. John Champion and Jim Beglin commentary is so unbelievably bad... I just honestly can't put into words how cringeworthy it is to listen to them. Who the hell wrote their lines?

As for the game itself, I used to play FIFA around the 2000 days, then hit PES aswell as FIFA upto PES 5 and then just FIFA until this year. Got FIFA and after playing so many games in the past few iterations I could easily tell it wasn't any different. Got PES and while it needs a lot of polishing it's gameplay is just kick-ass like the old days and is just fun to play. I don't think I'll be getting this myself since I have so many other games to get this year and aswell since I remember reading an article where Konami said they're going to spend a good few years overhauling the whole engine so honestly I'm not expecting this to be much different from 2011.