PES 2012 will support D-pad control

Konami have confirmed that, despite their desire to ditch it, they’ll be keeping D-pad control in PES 2012.

At E3 earlier this month, Konami debuted a demo of an early development PES 2012 which only allowed for control via the analogue sticks. The news apparently left a handful of vocal fans disgruntled – particularly those that rely on the pad to execute sharp turns during tournament gameplay.

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That's one big problem actually.

In PES 2011, although D-PAD is still supported, you can see that their new passing system becames really unaccurate on D-PAD, while most (on screen) players will get it right with analog.

But despite being more precise with analog, that simply isn't what the fans want. In fact I don't know anyone who plays on analog regularly. I play with analog once I had been playing other games for long periods (so my thumbs kind of go there alone) but it feels awkward and I end up going back to D-PAD after two or three minutes.

Supporting both analog sticks and D-PAD is good news, but the important question is if they are going to support both correctly. It shouldn't feel 8-way limited on analog as well as it shouldn't feel like guessing directions on the D-PAD.