Preview: Gory Gameplay Footage Of FPS Kinect Title Rise Of Nightmares In Action -StickTwiddlers

Whilst there has only been snippets of info released on this Kinect FPS title, SEGA decided to bring the title to this years E3 to unveil some more details and some hands on gameplay footage with this first person gore fest.

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Minartis2580d ago

This game looks like fun!

shinrock2580d ago

tighten that gameplay up a bit they may have something there.

chaos-lockheart2580d ago

hmm... it doesn't look too smooth, and it looks 85% on trails. i think this game will be better simi-kinect and controller, like you control the character and in some points, you get to use the Kinect to interact with the environment, like if you get grabbed by zombie you get the punch them to get them off or opening a door. I will like to see that.

yourfather2578d ago

this game already confirmed not on rails

DigitalRaptor2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

That gameplay looks so rough and unpolished, as if it's early in development. If that demo was the close to final build.... just LOL!

HacSawJimThugin2579d ago

That game needs TONS of work...why would they show that? Nothing impressive about it at

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