BioWare talks Mass Effect regrets

Studio found its first next-gen game tough, says art director

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ct032575d ago

They have regrets about Mass Effect 1?? To me Mass Effect is one of only a handful games I consider perfect.

bozebo2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

"The problem, Watts said, was getting to grips with next generation technology, a hurdle"

Didn't they have the Unreal Engine to do all the hard stuff for them? It is extremely easy to use, and it is obvious how amateur their level developers are if you play any Mass Effect and have used the engine before, though 2 is far improved (you can tell that the Normandy was one of the first environments they made because the quality later on in the game is a lot better). I am not talking about looks in particular, but kinks in the clipping volumes (which is why you tend to get stuck in walls or halfway up a wall in ME) and badly optimised geometry in places (as far as rendering performance goes).

krazykombatant2575d ago

i have to agree with ct03, ME is one of the best games i've played, I personally had no problem with the mako driving, nor the elevators i prefer the elevators than staring at the loading screen

ct032575d ago

I LOVE driving the Mako. The 360 version has worse Mako controls, maybe that's part of the reason why people don't like it.

DeadlyFire2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Only reason I didn't like Mako was driving up a mountain took forever to get resources. It would of made some sense to go around, but I liked to scale the rocks with the Mako. haha Falling was funny, but disappointing.

ME 2 didn't really fix that. Same issue with resource collecting. Takes awhile to find and get resources.

Same with Elevators. ME 1 had them they worked just fine. ME 2 has Loading screens and they take as long or longer and are not all that interesting to look at.