Kojima says the term "videogame" will disappear, film and music industry soon obsolete

Hideo Kojima, talks to Nintendo Power, about the future.

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TheLastGuardian20102699d ago

I always hated the term "videogame". It makes them sound childish. Always preferred the term interactive media myself.

sinncross2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Interactive media is such an open term. Choose you own adventure novels are interactive media as well.

its just a name at the end of the day, I see no problem with the term 'videogame' at all: I just call them games and so does everyone else I know

HowarthsNJ2699d ago

Interactive Entertainment?

I_find_it_funny2699d ago

Kojima you better work on MGS5 rather talk random bs

morganfell2699d ago

Put the sake bottle down K and get back to work on ZOE3.

Inside_out2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I understand what he is saying but claiming all video game enthusiasts/designers were some sort of out casts of society is silly. Maybe he is talking about himself and projecting his own experience as that of the collective video game industry...a common mistake of those who think their crap doesn't smell.

Atari, then Nintendo demonstrated how profitable the industry was right away and they never looked back. Go look at the sales figures of Pac man and Mario, Galaga etc...nothing new under the

There has been a move more recently towards " interactive " movie telling with crap like Heavy Rain and the recent L.A Bore, but the majority of games still, THANKFULLY, require the players input and skill. The PS3 and it's impossible to code for cell has been the catalysts as Sony has tapped their extensive Hollywood connections to create games that are more button mashing RTe's than anything this, look familiar...O_o...

COD has become the entertainment King in terms of sales and profit...bigger than Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time. The money hungry sharks are flooding the gaming industry and have been for a while as Halo 3 showed that if you build it, they will come selling 13 million exclusively on 360.

So Videogames are going nowhere but Hollywood definitely wants in and they have very DEEP pockets. Anyone who has watched the movie Sucker punch saw a lot of video game influence in there as well as some great looking cines, girls and even occult references...

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Alos882699d ago

"Interactive media" sounds like a term robot would use. It's like calling films "viewable entertainment features".

DragonKnight2699d ago

I admit that I chuckled a bit at that. lol.

zootang2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Vigeos? Vidames?

Kee2699d ago

I've always just called them games.
Never given it much thought, really.

Downtown boogey2699d ago

Many, if not most of the AAA games of today aren't pure 'video games' at all to begin with. They have cut scenes which essentially work as mini-movies! That renders a game like MGS4 a multi-media entertainment experience. It has gameplay, movie and musical elements as well as art to top it off... It's not JUST something you play.

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gravemaker2699d ago

kojima says a lot of thing...nobody cares.

ViserysTargaryen2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

His only game in this entire gen...MGS4. The rest are derivatives and hand helds games.

Other devs like Naughty Dogs and Guerrilla, on the other hand have actually done things to advance the PS3 platform in other ways than to fill up a bluray disk with over indulged cut scenes.

DragonKnight2699d ago

Aww, someone's upset they didn't get to play MGS4.

ViserysTargaryen2699d ago

I have my copy behind me collecting dust on the shelf. I'm more upset that I bought into the hype really.

Valkyre2699d ago Show
zerocrossing2699d ago

The 4th game wasn't the best and if you missed out on the other 3 you would have no clue as to what's going on.
Hideo Kojima makes quality games with imersive gameplay, cinematic cuteness and deep storytelling, He doesn't just dish out sequels every year to feed the masses, Also he is one of the most well known and well respected games developers the world has ever known, I honestly doubt 10 years from now people will even be talking about Uncharted the way they talk about Metal Gear.

Bolts2699d ago

Oh noes here comes the wrath of the Kojimq fanboys to disagree and take away the bubbles because you were foolish enough to call out their precious game gods. The truth is that Kojima's best days are behind him. MGS4 and this completely moronic statement is a clear indication of that.

I do remember him saying something about the PS3 not being capable of fully reproducing his vision or some garbage like that. Maybe he's waiting for the next gen so he can jam the next MGS with more "cute" fart cut scenes and box based stealth gameplay?

zerocrossing2699d ago

I honestly cant believe the nonsense im hearing, People are bad mouthing Hideo Kojima and calling MGS!?. These people are like football fanatics nothing can be as good as their beloved Uncharted's or COD's. Hideo Kojima is renowned for making quality games and is widely known as being pretty much a genius dev amongst other games developers, why argue with the facts? Sometimes I think you people just like to mess with everyone.

RedDead2699d ago

Haha, MGS4 wasn't the best MGS, but it was still better than the Uncharted's and Killzone's. Not too mention the graphics are also superb in MGS4.

Legion2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Koji is just a little bit too much sold into his own hype. Now he is basically saying that his style of game creation (Movie with a little action in between) is going to be the next big thing and even take over the movie world. He has really jumped the shark with his latest remarks.

I don't know who is more full of themselves... Kojima or Uwe Boll? Both think they are gods gift to their medium.

And where did the Music industry fit into all of this???

The_Devil_Hunter2698d ago

Kojima has done a bit during this gem maybe not as much as Naughty Dog or Imsomniac per say, but he's worked on Peace Walker and lend some of his talents to Mercury Steam with LoS. Yeah I may not been at all but look at others like Jaffe, where the he'll has he been. I want to play Twisted Metal already.
That aside, I like Kojima, he's one of the coolest guys in te industry today. Or at. Least for me.

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DragonKnight2699d ago

Apparently you do since you commented.

TruthBTold2699d ago

Did anyone tell him that wasn't green tea. he drank my sh!t man. Now I gotta call my guy for more.xD

RedDragan2699d ago

Lol... the Film and Music industry will never be obsolete. Like prostitution, both have been a form of entertainment that has been around for quite a few centuries atleast, and all three are still alive and well.

wollie2699d ago

Film has been around for centuries?

Bolts2699d ago

This like saying that comics will replace literature. Kojima and his over inflated ego never fail to amuse.

RedDragan2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

wollie + 1h ago
Film has been around for centuries?


Before film there was stage theatre, had they had the technology back then there would have been film. It is only a transformation of putting it on to screen so they could use bigger and better sets.

It is essentially the same form of entertainment, by using props and actors to tell a story in physical form.

The principle of it has been around for a very, very long time... many centuries before Shakespear was wowing people in the 1500's. The Sumarians used to have stage plays and they were around before the powerful Egyptian empires, the practice of telling a story using props and people is infact thousands of years old.

Pikajew2699d ago

It would be a sad day if we dont have them

TheLastGuardian20102699d ago

All Kojima saying is that movies and music will become intergrated with our consoles, even more so.

Tigerfist2699d ago

they already are integrated. unless some idiot has the briliant idea of "creating something that makes people feel like they are in a movie" taking us back to the shitty sega-cd/3do/cd-i era...

kojima is a great developer but that doesn't mean he is always right.

X_GAMER_X2699d ago

“Insanity is hereditary; you can get it from your children”

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