Nintendo aim for global Zelda Skyward Sword release date

Zelda mastermind Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that Nintendo is putting finishing touches to Zelda Skyward Sword as the company aim for a global simultaneous release date. He also hinted that it could be huge.

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Darth Stewie2641d ago

Sweet because its the only Wii title I will play this year.

Xof2641d ago

It's certainly the only Wii game coming out this year I'm interested in.

Plenty of older games I plan on picking up, eventually, though. It's a real shame Nintendo of America is so fucking incompetent, though.

pepsilover_20072641d ago

Sweet that would be awesome :) to bad the japan titles aint coming, but i still got other games to beat first

tunaks12641d ago

SS will be awesome, but there are a couple more wii games that need worldwide release date...

zerocrossing2641d ago

Im so getting Skyward Sword but Xenoblade, The last Story and Pandora's Tower need a western release! Us JRPG fans keep getting neglected...