Is it worse for a child to see pornography or graphic violence?

The Supreme Court struck down a California law regulating the sale of violent video games to children on Monday. Writing for the majority, Justice Scalia noted that, unlike sexual content, which can be regulated, violence has been part of children's entertainment for centuries. History aside, do we know whether exposure to sex or violence is worse for children?

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Dramscus2606d ago

Violent pornography :(

In all seriousness though probably violence. Violensce causes more horrible living conditions and human rights abuses than anything. More over violence around children can put them on a path to being abusive parents themselves. Not just violently either.
Violence is a horrible curse upon our species, while a healthy appetite for sex doesn't usually do any permanent damage.

Besides if our society became more comfortable about sex maybe they would be more comfortable informing children of sex related things at younger ages.

The reasons and need for birth prevention, disease prevention, and comfortable sexuality.
A more relaxed view on sex could lead to less homophobia, teen pregnancy, unwanted children and disease outbreak.

Dramscus2606d ago

Also if this article doesn't get passed fairly quickly if at all because of some stupid juvenile ooh it's sex talk I'm probably never using this site again sadly.

longcat2606d ago

pornography and nudity are 2 very different things.

nudity aint bad but pornography can be very scarring, depending on its nature

firemassacre2606d ago

its worse to see extremist parents pampering little johnny so hell grow up with no fuking clue how to distinquish fact from reality.

malamdra2606d ago

I think it depends what you mean by child

because kids over 12 should watch porn and violence, to learn the hows and don'ts

nopunctuation2606d ago

Children should not be exposed to heavy doses of either one. The thing about violent video games is that they have never looked realistic enough to really have an impact on somebody. Even as I played GTA and mortal Kombat when I was a little kid, I knew it wasnt real and the fakeness of it made it quite amusing, but if I were to see they type of violence with photo realism as a kid, I probably would have been freaked out. That is why im a little concerned with photorealism in games. If it gets too real, even grown men would be put off by the realism of shooting someone or stabbing them. Then we would see violent video games in real trouble for the first time. Its already sort of heppening if you think about it. Devs are limiting themselves in the gore area for fear of their games being banned. As graphics get more realistic, I could see gore being limited to AO rated games unless the game did not look graphically realistic.

Hard porn on the other hand is not something to show a child at all. I can remember when I first saw it at around 16 and being a little put off, mostly by the gratuitous use of male schlong that I did not think would be in straight porn at all. Kids have no reason to see porn anyways since they dont have a sexual interest in anyone yet so there would be no point in a showing it to a kid. Violence to an extent can be pretty entertaining even for kids but there is no way to make porn kid friendly.

Redgehammer2606d ago

As a father of 4, I would say that porn is worse in the long term effects it can have on a child. I also believe digital violernce can be a tool to teach children how not to behave. And I agree, there is no way to make porn kid friendly. I wish that I had never been exposed to porn at a young age,and I do everything in my power to protect my kids from its adult only content. .

maniacmayhem2606d ago

I agree, also a lot of video game gore or violence is cartoon like and sometimes even laughable. You can always explain to a child the nature of violence and how wrong it is.

But explaining to a child why Susie just got gangbanged by three dudes and ji$%ed on after is a little tougher. Porn should never be introduced to a child.

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qface642606d ago

sexuality is natural and its something he/she will be interested in at one point their life

violence on the other hand if its something he/she is interest in then i say woah watch out now

xtreampro_REVENGE!2606d ago

It has devastating psychological and mental effects on a child. A child shouldn't be thinking about or even see something his/her body clearly doesn't want.

But in today's age everything that's 'unnatural' is accepted.

nopunctuation2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

People keep saying that violence is not in out nature but that is pretty untrue if you think about it. If we hated violence so much then why is it a part of our entertainment? We as humans are pretty sadistic by nature. Its why we pay good money to watch grown men beat the crap out of each other in boxing, wrestling, football, etc. If you still dont believe me then consider when you are driving down the street and you see a car wreck. You cant help but look straight at it because you are looking for bodies. If we were naturally opposed to violence, we would not look at it.

ReservoirDog3162606d ago

The thing is though, a lot of people don't look at nudity/sexuality as a bad thing. Even in america. I view it as a personal thing that someone should share with the person they love. That seems right to me.

Violence was never a problem for me. There's just common sense things that go with that though. Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies but that is not* a kids' movie.

DrRichtofen2606d ago

Next Article- "Whats more painful getting shot or stabbed?"

longcat2606d ago

its not as dumb as you think.
We as a society have placed a negative connotation to something beautiful (naked body), while glorifying something grotesque (violence.

Its worth exploring why this is.

SuperKing2606d ago

Hahaha, does anyone else think this is funny? That PedroBear is trying to convince us the beauty of a naked body?


electricshadow2606d ago

Pedrobear, bubbles for you for making me laugh. xD

Infernostew2606d ago

How are either of these options bad? If I were a kid, I'd wanna see both.

AllyOmega2606d ago

Or neither... yeah, definitely neither.

Foxgod2606d ago

Porn is worse, kids know that violence is wrong, its our instinct to turn away from violence.
You should worry when your kid is violent, because then he/she isnt normal.

When it comes to sex however, its something people enjoy, and also requires responsibility.
Since people dont turn away from sex, like we do with violence, its generally a bad idea to expose sex to young/irresponsible people.

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