Top 5 Games You’re Wrong About

Play-mag: "Everyone has opinions on games, but here are the five you people are MOST wrong about."

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Darkfiber2644d ago

Let's see...

- Saint's Row 2 is a buggy mess of douchebaggery.
- Bayonetta is a ridiculous cross section of fucked up sexist Japanese fantasy with terrible graphics, gameplay, production values and storytelling (seriously, I couldn't even get through the demo it was so bad).
- LA Noir I actually agree with...overrated, blah blah blah, people only think it's good because of the facial technology.
- InFamous is good, though I've honestly never heard anyone bash it so I don't even know why it's on the list.
- Crysis 2 never looked particularly good, and still doesn't, simply because the extreme lack of graphic customization on the PC. As for the game itself...making a linear, (terrible) storydriven, monster closet shooter when the first game + expansion were sandbox games is a sure way to lose your original fanbase.

This article is wrong.

Beast_Master2644d ago

Never Played Saint Row, but will probably play 3, 2 never got a trophy patch so that is why I never played it.
Bayonetta- is god awful, I played through half the game and really had no interest in finishing it. It is the kinda game you really just love or Hate.
LA Noir- agree the game is a little over rated, but I think if they tweek some things, then the sequel could be epic. A nice foundation.
Infamous- love this game my first plat- agree, not many people hate on this game except Todd McShay @ gamespot but he is a tool anyway.
Crysis 2, will check it out once it hits the bargin bin.