VGLoaded: Brink Review

VGLoaded's James Chalmers reviews Splash Damages' multiplayer shooter Brink. Does it live up to the hype or is it a case of what could've been?

From the review: "Save The Ark? Escape The Ark? Grenades and turrets blocked out our route to one of the main objectives and then a sudden change of objective resulted in us flanking the opposition, completing the secondary objective and then fighting the enemy from within their own ranks. It’s moments like that, which make Brink so brilliant, but they are so far and few to come by that these certain tales can become like goldust."

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mmoplaya2573d ago

been playing this on PC, agree with the majority. With a few balance issues it could be a great title, just need to have alot of friends to play with

greengamer2573d ago

i love this game! much better than COD just a pity the PS3 gamers don't think that way! Always struggle to find human players

sidnieyluc2573d ago

I like games and i have much more games in my PC.