Respawn Entertainment To Use "God Of War" Quality Graphics?

If you haven't checked it out already, Respawn Entertainment's new website is up and running. Respawn Entertainment is made up of a large portion if Infinity Ward's talent after the majority of the studio left after working on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Sanii2637d ago

Kinda hoping it isn't going to be an FPS game. I would love to see the old Infinity ward guys bring their great multiplayer skills to another genre.

Army_of_Darkness2637d ago

Having good multiplayer dev. Skills isn't the only skill that they're gonna need to compete against their former franchise not to mention all those other dozen fps!

Legion2637d ago

Try going to the Respawn websight. They have not identified it as a FPS.

They have hinted at the game but specify only "first game is a sci-fi shooter", not necessarily a 'first person' shooter. Frank Gibeau (EA Games head) also stated that it would be "a little bit more of an action game than a pure shooter".

As for the graphics quality of the game... it would rely more on the quality of the game engine versus just who is working on the game. But never count out any of these guys. Could be an interesting game.

ViserysTargaryen2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

These guys are know for their military shooters, what else did you expect?

And we should ban people who link to this Gamer Sheep douche bag. The title on the article is a total link bait. So some clown notices that they hired a few artist who used to work on GoW 3...SO???

hiredhelp2637d ago

WOW alot good tallent on the team inc ppl who have worked in the movie industry.
awsome im defo intrested in seeing what these guys can bring to the table. Watch this space.

keith-ps32637d ago

another first person shooter! blows my brains out kurt coban wit it

The Meerkat2637d ago

Good graphics don't always make a good FPS.

I'd rather they were bragging about new innovations in gameplay.

csreynolds2637d ago

Give them time man. They're a newly established unit, and are only now beginning to tease their first game (very vaguely, might I add). It's bit much to be expecting announcements of gameplay innovations already, don't you think?

JeffGUNZ2637d ago

They haven't bragged about anything. The author is making assumptions since some of the staff have worked on God of War in the past. Total speculation.

hiredhelp2636d ago

@ he Meerkat

love the avatar man. SIMPLES'

koehler832637d ago

If you're gonna come out with a game in 2012 or later, you might as well look as good as games from early 2010, yeah?

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