FIFA 12 English Commentators Revealed

The new English commentary team for FIFA 12 has been revealed. After the controversy surrounding Andy Gray EA have decided to go with Martin Tyler and ex Arsenal striker, Alan Smith. Hear the guys introduce themselves...

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TrevorPhillips2643d ago

Martin Tyler is my favorite :)

Dave7972642d ago

Having two seperate English commentary teams for FIFA 12 is huge IMO, if they alternate in game for league and cup competitions EA will be on to a winner.

guigsy2642d ago

Yeah, seeing as Sky cover the Premier League and ITV cover the FA Cup it would make sense to alternate.

jizzyjones2642d ago

Andy Townsend? o dear shudda been Chris Kamara

Pintheshadows2642d ago

Andy Townsend? That puts me off FIFA 12. Hell, at least it's not Graham Taylor I suppose.