Mind-Shattering Blizzard Employees-Only Bulk Collection On Sale

Many among the over 11 million Blizzard fans worldwide are "serious business" collectors of all types of licensed merchandise.

However, this particular batch is owned only by about 1,200 Blizzard employees around the world. Something a true fan might farm day and night for real life gold to obtain.

An anonymous seller is selling a bulk collection of products only available to Blizzard employees: including the famous Bronze Orc Wolfrider Statue (Numbered Original) and the Blizzard Employee Exclusive version of the StarCraft 2 “Tychus Findlay” Collector’s Statue.

The bulk collection contains a lot of stuff, but not all of it is listed by Blizzplanet. The seller has a lot of boxes full of employee-only stuff not yet written down in the inventory which are part of the overall bulk collection.

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