Civilization IV Complete Edition on Sale Now

For the next 24 hours, Civilization IV Complete Edition will be on sale for a killer price of %75 off.

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Hitman07692608d ago

This is another major sale that makes me want this game.

Daavpuke2608d ago

Get it, get it now. It's better than Civ IV and personally, I believe it's unrivaled as a strategy game, offering in-depth gameplay in a seemingly simple way. It has virtual endless playtime possibilities.

kramun2608d ago

Only buy it if you are willing to lose hours of your life in what seems like minutes. This game has the power to make you lose sleep more than any other I've ever played.

Just. One. More. Turn.

banjadude2608d ago

GAH! Where were all these sales, when I HAD money! *cries*