More Devs Should Follow LA Noire’s Brilliant Use Of Motion Capture

LA Noire, for the uninitiated, is an adventure game set in 1947 Los Angeles. There is some shooting, as well as a lot of investigation and evidence-gathering. But the other big part of the game involves interrogations. You, as good-guy cop Cole Phelps, are charged with questioning all sorts of characters, from suspects to witnesses to victims’ family members to fellow police officers. You have to use your instincts as a human - not as a gamer - to determine if they are lying.

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fr0sty2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

it's a limiting technology, even though it produces amazing results. it means you must do the facial and full body mocap separate from each other, which makes it much harder to deliver a totally natural looking performance from the actor. Imagine playing a song on the piano, but being forced to play it with your left hand first, then your right, and expecting both of them to line up perfectly when the 2 recordings are mixed together. That's pretty much what you have to work with here.

Hoolock2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I entirely agree, the technology allowed for some stunning facial detail in game but I still feel the Naughty Dog (capture all at once) methodology is best.

Actually having your actors play out a scene togethor, recording dialogue and movement simultaneously on a set not only makes the in game body actions and voice match up but also allows actors to play off each others performances.

L.A.Noire had some stunning acting that was let down by the sense that the actors were recorded months apart from one another. It pays to have your performers together and recording everything simultaneously.

shades722576d ago

Nope, not if it means games take 5 years to make and the cost is so huge that they need to be selling 5 million to make a profit.

Ares842575d ago

As far as the faces go, I was impressed somewhat but I think the eyes make the characters come to life and that was way off for me.

Also, the actually movement of each character was pretty bad. I think Uncharted does a much better job at it.

InfiniteJustice2575d ago

Wow you took the words out of my mouth - I thought the eyes in LA Noire were way off the mark. For example if a character looked right, only the head would move, and the eyes would stay fixed - and that just didn't look natural. Like you said, I think Uncharted's motion capture has more personality and character.

Also, I don't think all games should adopt this tech. For one, it adds months to the development time. Secondly, it limits the characters; they have to look like their actor counterparts. And lastly, LA Noire used it for a reason, and I can't see it adding that much to any other genre of game.

OhMyGandhi2575d ago

I thought that as the general expressions go for each character, everything was executed brilliantly.

But to me the eyes (as people have stated before) are hollow looking. lifeless, like faded doll eyes, fixed in the skulls, as if they were batman or something.

Look at any of Pixar's movies, and the first thing that comes to mind (to me at least) were just how expressive the EYES were.

Hellsvacancy2575d ago

YES they should, i wasnt all that impressed with LA Noire but the tech they used was awesome, we need to see more of it, i traded LA Noire for Socom, Socom was good but had terrible faciel animations, well, maybe it was because LA Noire made it more noticeable

BeastlyRig2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I agree! Also Uncharted's animation & The snow effects from killzone 3.

I would love more devs to use these type of effects!

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