Silent Hill Downpour expectations

So Silent Hill Downpour looks to be great, but fans of the series have been fooled before with good graphics and have been trapped with lackluster controls and bland plotlines. With a new team looking after this Silent Hill installment, there are just as many high hopes as their are reservations. Hopefully, Downpour will not only revive the survival horror genre, but it will also bring the Silent Hill franchise back to its former glory. Here are some of the expectations that G3 has for the forthcoming game.

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itani2638d ago

Hopefully it's similar to SH 2 or 3.

Murgatroyd72637d ago

Agreed. SH2 is still one of the creepiest games I've played.

Venox20082638d ago

I won't judge the game until I'll play it myself.. people were bashing SH: Origins, but I really liked it :) so it's a matter of taste..

omicron0092638d ago

I think Silent Hill is going to pass up the FF series soon. What number is this 7-8?

TheLastGuardian20102638d ago

Uh 7. Technically it should be 6, since 1 was a psp game. Doesn't really match with FF 25+ games though.

Murgatroyd72637d ago

This is the 8th game in the main series, with another one on the way. There are also three spin-offs, one for the arcade and two for cell phones.

FF has 14 games in the main series, but there are about 40 spin-offs and sequels, plus the 20 or so re-releases, compilations, and updates.