The Biggest Video Game Clearance Section - Over 700 Video Games

Looking to save some money on video games this summer? Well look no further -- Over 700 video games are currently on clearance via Amazon. And these are not just any games, the list is packed with triple A titles at some crazy low prices. Check out the complete list.

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RurouniKaze2519d ago

another turd list of crappy games.

Dan502519d ago

XD they have N Gage games Bwahahahaha

Xof2518d ago

Way of the Samurai 3 @ $20.00
Baroque @ $13.00

Only two games there worth looking at.

It is worth noting that if you like cheap games, you should check out Amazon's Warehouse Deals. Earlier today, for example, I was able to buy a copy of Super Mario Galaxy for $20 (shipping included) which saved me about $25.

bredstick652518d ago

Wow!!!! Those are some terrible games. 90% of which you would have to pay me A LOT of money to play.

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