Arstechnica: Impressions from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's open beta

For those hoping to sample a bit of Sony's upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, developer Naughty Dog has arrived with your fix. The studio has released a public beta on the PlayStation Network, allowing PlayStation Plus subscribers and owners of inFamous 2 to snag an early look at the title's multiplayer component. But is it worth your time to dive in to this limited, rough online beta test?

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LOGICWINS2458d ago

I actually take back what I said about the beta earlier. I played a couple more matches...and its awesome! I figured out why I kept getting owned, fixed it, and now I'm dominating.

I spoke WAAAY too soon!

crxss2458d ago

game's amazing. sums up my impression.

NewMonday2458d ago

its best to go into this game not worrying about K/D ratio or trying to be a "badass", and just have fun with the kickbacks and powerplays, even if on the receiving end.

cobra42457d ago

I'm having SO much fun with this. Glad to see some counters coming around

kratos1232458d ago

much much better then uncharted 2 mp im really diging this 1

n4gisatroll2458d ago

I'm still on the fence on it. I don't know how I like how they set up the menu, or how the store is, or pretty much anything of the online except for actually playing. It's a little bit confusing to me.

pr0digyZA2458d ago

You will probably get used to it, took me a while but now I know the thing backwards. Awesome multiplayer, its lots of fun, I think I have played each map and mode a hundred times now hope they give us another map before it ends.

Drekken2458d ago

So you aren't sure if you like the game because your brain can't figure out the menu? How about you let yourself get used to it before you cast negative judgements. Its Naughty Dog and uncharted.... I highly doubt anyone will be disappointed.

Arnon2458d ago

How about not acting so belligerent and let people have their own opinions?

Drekken2458d ago

My opinion is his opinion sucks and you should mind your own business.

So let me have my opinion. :D