Locking Resi 3D’s Save Data: The Dickest of Dick Moves

SG - Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, a third-person portable horror shooter and a candidate for the “Worst Game Title of the Year,” is stirring up the shit (as the saying goes, right?) due to Capcom’s purposeful decision to disable the wiping of game data from the cartridge. This means you can’t erase it, ever. It’s Capcom’s handheld approach to EA, THQ, etc.’s “Project Ten Dollar”, i.e. online passes and suchlike, to discourage the trading in of games and the selling of them by retailers with zero profit going to the original publisher.

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ShadesMoolah2580d ago

A matter of perspective surely. The save data issue is only an issue if you're bothered about unlocked data being available.

Look at the cheat device business (and cheats in general) which unlocks all extras in games as soon as you switch on. People buy these things in their droves, and companies continue to make them, so there must be a demographic of gamers who don't actually care.

These gamers will still see a used game on the shelf for a cheaper price and buy it. The argument in the article is somewhat flawed in this day and age of huge franchises.

Resident Evil is well known and therefore isn't the big gamble for the consumer the article suggests. "Mesident Oval" would be, and rightly so with a name like that. lol.