IGN: PlayStation Plus: One Year Later

IGN writes:

"Believe it or not, PlayStation Plus is a year old this week. This struck me as odd as I was putting this piece together. I had this article brewing in my mind for a few weeks before I finally decided to do the tiring research for all of the details and figures below, but I'm happy to report that my timing couldn't have been better. And as most gamers who purchased PS+ did so with a year's subscription, what better time to see what kind of return on your investment you could have received?"

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websod2602d ago

i have it and its really worth it. great stuff. PS+ paid Ps3 online is the way!

egidem2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

One year later. Was it worth it?


Every penny of it. I pay for both services (Xbox Live and PS Plus). In my opinion I've gotten so much content at amazing discounts. Small things that previously cost money were instantly avaiable for free. At times it felt like they were giving things away for free.

I pay for online gaming on Xbox Live. Nothing else. I honestly don't see anything valuable or worth me dropping $60 a year just to do something freely available elsewhere. In my opinion, it feels like I'm paying a bit too much and getting little in return!

My PS Plus subscription is about to finish. Time to renew it!

websod2601d ago

It was worth it. It was a upfront cost however it saved me money i did not long term really pay for it. I spend about 1hr a day gaming on it. go see a movie go do anything for 1hr and see what the cost is. video games give best cost per time out of anything. a movie would set you back 9 13bucks all where you are and add a meal your already hitting around half of a games cost.

BryanBegins2602d ago

Even now with the free trial, I'm not convinced. Yeah sure you get free games but let's face it, I wouldn't have bought them in the first place.

I would rather use the $50 a year to buy games that I actually want. But I understand people who see good value in PS+. I guess it all depends what you want and whether you are a big spender on the PSN.

Neo Nugget2602d ago

$50 isn't even a full retail game. Paying that once and getting all of this stuff is seriously not a bad deal at all.

MrBeatdown2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

True, but it really just comes down to what you like.

This month has been a complete bust for me. The only thing of value to me is the U3 beta, but I still have two unused vouchers which would have got me that anyway.

I have Plus, and I'll renew because in a year's time, there are at least a handful of items that go a long way towards justifying spending the money, but more often than not, I'm not impressed with the content. I get that not everything is for everyone, and they need a diverse range of content to make the most people possible happy, but it's still disappointing to me that Sony has yet to implement any kind of system that would allow you a degree of choice, even if it's just between a couple games each month.

BryanBegins2602d ago

MrBeatdown nailed my thoughts. I would probably subscribe to PS+ if I could choose the games. Ok I understand Sony can't allow me to select any PSN game every month, but choices should exist to some extent.

I'm like you Beatdown, the beta is really the only nice thing I got this month. I keep browsing the PS store in the PS+ section and I'm like: blah. Yeah sure let's download Sonic 2 and play a little. But nothing else.

Lifendz2601d ago

Plus is a great deal imo. I just hate that different regions get different stuff. I was p!ssed when EU got all the Fallout 3 dlc and North America didn't. Still, I can justify paying an optional fee for 49 free games over the course of a year.

room4142602d ago

"PlayStation Plus is overwhelmingly worth its $50-per-year price point."

It is indeed. I signed up for a second year ages ago.

I don't buy a lot of games off psn but i've saved about $35 just with the discounts and i still have 3 months left on my original year. It's awesome.

banjadude2602d ago

To commemorate the Anniversary, Sony has offered an additional 3 free months, if you repurchase another 1 year subscription.

You get 1 month free, if you buy the other option (I forget what it is).

websod2601d ago

sweet i did not know about "To commemorate the Anniversary, Sony has offered an additional 3 free months, if you repurchase another 1 year subscription. " that's good i am for sure in!

KentBlake2602d ago

And they didn't even mention the cloud saving service. For me, it's one of the most valuable things in Plus. Last week, my HDD died on me, and I didn't lose a single save game because of this service.

I really like PS+, although the last few months didn't deliver very well on the free content.

kirajc2602d ago

The article was pretty good... I mean I have gotten a lot out of PS+ so it is worth the price tag.. One thing the writer forgot to bring up is that PS+ also gets Core for free, and beta unseen/coupons and exclusive stuff. I got into the Journey Beta.