Do The Games of Today Make you Suck at Classic Games?

As the game industry advances in technology it seems games tend to get easier and easier. Life bars are replaced with regenerating health and a bloody/gray screen, jumping is now done for you instead of on your own skill, bullet time and auto assist take the place of good aiming. Game developers have done a lot to make playing games easier. So the question is do all of these features make you suck at traditional/classic games?

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256bit2580d ago

nope not really. do rpg/jrpg makes people suck as well. like for example dragon warrior? i mean look at mario nes/snes is not really that hard.

unknownhero11232580d ago

try playing megaman x then, that game is truely punishing! now that game doesn't hold your hand at all.

femshep2580d ago

i dunno i never have a problem, personally i hate the "modern" health system in games, it gets to the point where you can't see anything what is going on....give me a health bar and med packs any day, and a lot of devs seem to be stepping away from auto aim or giving you the option to turn it off which is nice

NanoSoldier2580d ago

You should play Resistance 3. It will have such med packs and it's a great game too.

femshep2580d ago

bah never liked resistance....honestly i tried it a couple times but it never clicks with me, just like killzone, they feel like every other shooter out there

though ill give credit where it is due, really good production and developers behind them

mastiffchild2580d ago

You played the original Resisitance then? R2 is a bit more like every other shooter these days but FoM wasn't and i'#m just sad they aren't bringing back Posho McBirdy bird who narrated FoM as well as HP and the Weapon Wheel.

zinkabass2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

yes,.. I think I will start gaming on hard/veteran/hardcore,..

I certainly think I lost so much skills,.. and started playing totally differently ,.. Hell even started playing certain games on easy,.. because of faster gratification,..

And it kinda sucks,.. That I get my ass handed to me by Wii games,..(Donkey Kong county returns, Mario.. I suck at Metroid,.. those games are skill based)

So yes,.. You get to suck at gaming because of lack of attention spawn, needing fast fix and gratification,..

Than again modern games are so complex and AI has changed significantly,.. It is in a way harder and less and less patterns to notice while fighting,.. so you are sometimes relying on pure luck instead of consistency of patterns,.. Playing with element of luck in mind, is not exactly fun if the game is hard,..

There is always an issue, with why would you play if it isn't fun anymore,..(I think there is a reason why they started removing a lot of pain-points,..)

mastiffchild2580d ago

Well, yeah, because choice is the big thing and with choice of challenge you cover a bigger market. You then get those who ant a challenge and those who just want a kind of interactive story when in the past only those wanting a challenge would have bothered. There's NOTHING wrong with making games easier as long as the difficulty settings allow everyone to enjoy gaming, is there?

Also, I hear what you're saying about getting used to easier gaming but I don't necessarily think it's a long term losing of skills. I'm 40 now so I'll have lost some of my edge anyway but even I can get a lot of it back , I find, and sometimes playing a game on easy actually helps me get my head around them for playing on harder diffs later-Dead Nation, for example(I've never been great at twin stick shooters to be honest)I only got better at AFTER my kids had messed about with it and put it on easy for a bit. I found that,after that I could cope a lot better on all settings so I dunno if it's just a case of easiness wrecking you.

Also, some Wii games are pretty hardcore on the quiet, S&P2 is probably my defi8nition of a core title to be honest, and DCCR is also a pretty tough game at heart, and brilliant too so there's no shame i saying they represent a challenge at points.

Animal Mutha 762580d ago

Does reading pointless drivel like this article make me feel like I've wasted my time?


News N4G!!!!!

Theyellowflash302579d ago

Its not pointless when there is discussions about gaming dude. Chill out.