Uncharted 3 – Creepy Crawler Booster Gameplay

New gameplay of the kickback booster creepy crawlers. They cost 17 medals and last 20 seconds.The boost transforms you into a swarm of spiders that you control.


It is a kick back not a booster my bad.

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sackb0y2640d ago

lol uncharted has crabs. Its pretty fun this booster

Pixel_Pusher2640d ago

Spiders. And it looks awesome!

bwazy2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

So your invincible for 20 damn seconds? Sure it takes 17 medals, but I usually average 4-5 RPG's in a match. Really overpowered.

Anyways I wonder how these will play a part in the story. I think they'll be like the scarabs in "The Mummy".

sackb0y2640d ago

honestly the twenty seconds go fast. most of the time you are climbing around looking for somebody. If your lucky you can get 3-4 kills.

KingDustero2640d ago

Exactly the twenty seconds go by really fast. If the enemy team isn't all in the same area than you won't be getting many kills.

Plus the controls are really lose and it is quite easy to lose sight of the bugs.

The RPG kickback will almost always net more kills, however the Creepy Crawler kickback is just a lot more fun to use.

Pixel_Pusher2640d ago

Chopper gunner now there's an overpowered perk.

DoomeDx2640d ago

Am i the only one that doesnt really care about balance?
I like this. It brings a new dynamic. Running away from those those

bwazy2640d ago

Balance is the only thing stopping me from taking a crap on your pillow every night.

If you dont wat balance you might as well suggest that everyteam spawns with RPG's that shoot ball eating chipmunks that contain the T virus and get zombies to spawn camp them to death.

DoomeDx2640d ago

If everybody spawns with an RPG, its still balanced because everybody has it. Just saying.

Cloudberry2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Pretty funny, lol.

telekineticmantis2640d ago

but looks overpowered, you should have the ability to shake them off and stomp them or something.

purple1052640d ago

You can knock them out with a grenade. Also it's extremely hard to control so you better know right where you want to go. Plus it takes 17 medals and lasts 20 seconds so it's not like a spawn killing chopper.

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The story is too old to be commented.