Star Wars Nerds Rule Your Internet takes note of the insurgent uprising in Star Wars Galaxies, following its decision to shut down on December 15. Several players have congregated to file a law suit against SOE and are making demands. Madness or genius?

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user98412882577d ago

lol find something else to do star wars geeks. It wont be long till ToR is out and you'll have another way to piss away your life.

Daavpuke2577d ago

Don't forget virtually endless re-releases of the same movie over and over and over and over again, until the screen is just one giant clusterfuck of CGI creatures.

DeadlyFire2577d ago

Oct. 2008 - LucasArts senior online exec Tom Nichols has confirmed that the firm’s current plan is to run Star War Galaxies alongside The Old Republic for an indefinite period, and that more content is on the way for the current MMO.

“That’s the plan right now,” Nichols told VG247 when asked specifically if the two would run together indefinitely.

“I think the market will definitely support that.”

Interesting choice to close it down considering their own words a few years ago. Galaxies would be a much better Free to play game then death. What has happened between now and then? Well my thought is that EA has pushed to lock Galaxies out of the market and succeeded. Hoping that those gamers would just grin and bear it and jump into the new MMO.

Galaxies is a better MMO than TOR. Just due to its old school Star Wars vibe. Everyone loves that time period in Star Wars and that is something TOR can't even touch.