If Katherine Sent You This Text Message, How Would You Respond?

Siliconera: In Catherine, Vincent receives text messages, and players get to respond to them. One of the early text messages is from Katherine, Vincent’s long term girlfriend. He receives this while drinking alone at the Stray Sheep.

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M-Easy2574d ago

Lets just say I'd do an Anthony Wiener :)

poopturd_mcgee2574d ago

Your gonna marry her just to have an affair??? thats just wrong

egidem2574d ago

My response:

"I'll be right back."

*goes to the doctor's office for a vasectomy.*

"Yeah, bad news. Just came from the docs and he confirmed that we can't have kids."

SilentNegotiator2574d ago

You would do Anthony Wiener? Ewww.


Nah, I'd wonder why a video game character was texting me.

Swiggins2574d ago

Hmmmm Hard to say, but likely

Legion2574d ago

"From: Katherine

Like I said before, I’m having dinner with some old friends. It’s surprising… Most of them are already married, and almost half of them have kids. They’re all showing off pictures of their families and it makes me feel left out.

Maybe it’s time for us to get out of our comfort zone too."

My reply:

"Can’t be bothered now." My kids just got home from school and the wife and I are going over their homework. See you this weekend if you are still available, meet at the same place and wear that skimpy outfit again.

TheColbertinator2574d ago

"I'm sorry but I can't provide kids to you since I just got a vasectomy without telling you.Go find someone else to have dumbass kids with."

BadKarmaSutra962574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Sorry babe, I fill my used condoms with Tabasco Sauce just in case you try to entrap me.

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