Binary Domain - SEGA's Ultimate Sleeper Hit?

Over the past few years Sega has begun to really step up to the next level, beginning with games like Phantasy Star on consoles and handhelds, over the top and sexy Bayonetta, Yakuza franchise, last year's fast action paced Vanquish, and now taking it even higher comes Sega’s new heavy hitter called Binary Domain, a squad based third person shooter that not only will come with pretty graphics but also gameplay that will blow your socks away.

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coolfool2602d ago

It's a wait and see game for me. It looks like it could be fun but at the moment it doesn't look like it does anything new.

Legion2602d ago

Looks ok... but not sure the titles listed as being stepping up? None of them really did anything for me as a gamer. (though I am sure others have different taste in games)

Lets hope this new game does allow them to move into a new direction when it comes to quality games. I thought Alpha Protocol was going to do it for me, but though I enjoyed it at some level... it was not the game that I wished for.

Will Binary Domain and it's new engine be able to play with the big boys early next year? We will just have to wait and see.