What's New in Animal Crossing 3DS

Turns out this title is bringing more than just pants to the table.

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ISKREEM2577d ago

Still sounds like the same, tired formula. Once you've played one Animal Crossing game, you've played them all.

AWBrawler2575d ago

Not True. if you only played one, It feels like you're missing out, especially if the only one you played is the gamecube one.

RockmanII72576d ago

Some cool little upgrades, but something I didn't like is how tall the character is. I like the feel of being a kid while this seems to feel more like the character is an adult. Still this will be my first Animal Crossing in 6 years as of now, 7 if it comes out next year, so I'm excited about this game.

CaliforniaWave2576d ago

Every time I talk about how we can put furniture on the wall and wear pants now I feel ridiculous, but from the little we've seen in these early stages the game looks like it's taking a pretty big step forward - especially so compared to the "big changes" we've gotten before.

AWBrawler2575d ago

I want to know how this mayoring thing plays out, and I want to know if the addition of swimming will open up new possibilities, such as the return of islands, or even a beach resort that you can periodically visit