Amazing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 & Vietnam Deal (Only $6)

The guys over at DICE have just shared a PC download only code for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Vietnam that will net you %70 off the price.

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tmoss7262602d ago

One problem. Origin sucks.

Criminal2602d ago

Could you tell us more about your Origin experience?
I heard it's a decent service.

nightmarex1212602d ago

Because it is, but people want one service b/c that's where all their game is. You don't even need origin to play the games too just use it to download it, and they have live customer service compare to steam so i don't get whats with the hate beside it being ea.

tmoss7262602d ago

Well, I try to download Dead Space 2. Lo and behold, the download never finishes. It resets to 99.4% everytime it reaches 100%. I communicate with the EA rep, try 5 different things with no luck. So I got a refund and moved on.

egidem2602d ago

It's on Origin? Ahhhhh that sucks! Am I the only one who thinks that EA is just forcing this thing of their store down our throats??

Ducky2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Hmm, using code gives an 'invalid' error?
(I'm accessing it from Can., but haven't logged in to an account)

EDIT: Ah, thanks for that.
I already bought the game a long time ago, but figured it'd be useful to pass the deal onto a few friends. Oh well. =(

tmoss7262602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Only lasted till 7 PM PST, making the article useless.

EA Insider Deals
The deal is unlocked! Enter promo code “fdjsw92ie3” at checkout: . Apologies for the delay, because of it, this deal will be valid until 7 PM PDT tonight.

Hitman07692602d ago

Oh my god this is seriously amazing deal. :)

IaussieGamer2602d ago

problem the code does not work

MagicGamer2602d ago

Pretty sweet...but don't play them enough to buy it.

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