US cities play host to suspected Halo 4 AR game

A mysterious new alterative reality game has popped up online, just as the counter kicks back into action. Coincidence? I wouldn’t bet a dollar on it. You have 20 hours to get on board the first round.

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Urmomlol2575d ago

Considering Halo 2 was a Bungie game, wouldn't it be more logical to assume that this is a stunt for Bungie's next game instead of Halo?

I mean, isn't Bungie day right around the corner?

Ardorme2574d ago

Microsoft was the one who had the Halo ARG created, as they were the owner and publisher of Halo 2.

It wouldn't make sense at all for a known Halo project to be re-associated with a multiplatform Activision title.