Why Nintendo Should Care About JRPGs

DualShockers writes: "There’s been a lot of fuss lately surrounding a few certain Japanese RPGs that are exclusive to the Nintendo Wii and which Nintendo holds the sole publishing rights to. MonolithSoft’s Xenoblade, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker Studios’ The Last Story, and the latest action-RPG that has piqued the interest of genre fans, Pandora’s Tower, are three games getting a huge focus lately as groups are being formed to levee for their North American localization.

Why, though, should Nintendo care about these RPGs? Aren’t they focused solely on hyping up the Wii U and the 3DS? To the latter question, I say yes – they are very focused on hyping up their new systems. In the grand scheme of things, it may not really matter if The Last Story comes out this year while the Wii is still the only Nintendo home console, or this time next year when we may see the Wii U on store shelves – the Wii U is backward compatible with Wii titles, so it will still be playable on their current console..."

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tunaks12579d ago

its not the genre they should care about, but the fact that there is a software drought on Wii, and Xenoblade is already translated. Why WOULDN'T they bring it over? All the work is already done!

TruthbeTold2579d ago

Not that Zelda is a JRPG at all, but in the 'open world' real time action sense of gaming, those games would probably compete for already spoken for dollars with certain U.S. Zelda gamers and the U.S. is the core of Zelda dollars for Nintendo. Of the 8 million or so Zelda gamers I would assume that probably half are die hard, and the other half are take it or leave it. They just want the open world, action experience on their Nintendo console, and they aren't going to buy Zelda AND The Last Story (even though the differences outweigh the similarities).

Nintendo doesn't want to risk any chance of some of those gamers making a choice between Skyward Sword this Holiday season and one of these more 'obscure' releases that they want to stand on their own during the next 'Wii drought' of early next year. I bet that we'll probably hear some release dates for these games in the U.S. after the new year. Maybe even more definitive statements regarding localization at TGS or something.

Chadness2579d ago

I actually like Zelda, but to be honest, Nintendo is being a bunch of bullies over this, so I'm going to find it hard to buy Zelda out of principle.

It's kind of like the whole Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D thing that Capcom did. I know people who are all over the RE franchise, but just can't in good conscience justify buying it when they have that stupid save restriction in place.

jacksonmichael2579d ago

The world is a dark, dark place, now that I am actually educated about my future video game purchases... This website is a curse. Lol.