The Overseas Connection Podcast #122

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast breaks out the lounge chairs and stacks the games for the coming holiday weekend. Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny and CPM1376 as they discuss the gaming news, new releases, and community feedback .

Topics Covered this week:

*Do you prefer a game pad or wheel when you play your racing games?
*Rumor: Ignition lays off UK employees, cancels WarDevil again.
*Sony CEO Stringer asked to step down by shareholder.
*Supreme Court decision: Video Games are protected as Free Speech.
*World of Warcraft goes free-to-play until characters hit level 20.
*Shift 2: Unleashed ‘Legends’ and ‘Speedhunters’ DLC will be free on PC.
*We go through the BEST of E3 2011 Game Critics Awards.

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jsslifelike2459d ago

Aw, man- sad to see that Skulduggerer isn't present again this week? Is he really caught up in the Ugandan Dollars scandal?