3 Reasons Not To Sell Your PSP For Vita

With the Vita's ability to play PSP games downloaded from the Playstation store, some are questioning why exactly they should even keep their PSP systems. Find out why your PSP still has plently of life in it, and 3 good reasons you shouldn't sell it after the jump!

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firemassacre2643d ago


Misterhbk2643d ago

I currently have a GO so I have every reason to sell it once were closer to Vita's launch. I still play it regularly, mostly for PS1 games, but now isn't the time to sell. In fct I dot think I'll ever sell it. Now that these things are no longer being made I may want to keep it just for the sake of my collection.

firemassacre2643d ago

I guess that's one of the top 3 not to sell it for you. to each his own.

topgun332643d ago

I also have a GO, and I think it was a great system; small enough to fit in my pocket, the internal memory to download games, and the sliding screen were all positive points. The problem was that Sony did not market the device properly. I believe if they pushed more developers to go digital, and to work out a deal to have Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep digitalized I believe the PsP go would have succeeded. I have my vita already paid off, and I am looking forward to getting it. But I am on the fence about possibly selling the go. I went to Gamestop the other day, and they were offering only a measly 50 bones for this system. I am talking to someone about possibly buying it for $175, including 15 digitalized games, 7 digital comics, and the soft carry case. I want to be able to get something for it. But after reading your comment about the collector factor for an item that is no longer being made, I might reconsider.

Pixel_Pusher2643d ago

Good reasons if you're on a tight budget. But it's the graphics of the vita that convinced me so I'll just pinch my pennies and won't eat out as much.


egidem2643d ago

WHAAT? Sell my beloved PSP? With all the good games it currently has?

Call me back when you are off those medz.

miyamoto2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

same here
I just DL LBP & Modnation Racers and sell my Hannah Montana Lavender PSP 3000?

No way Jose!

My Hannah Montana PSP 3000 dropped two storeys down into a tiled floor and it still works perfectly. Now how could one sell a fantastic piece of durable hardware?

Final Fantasy Type-O and Monster Hunter 3rd Portable.

Shackdaddy8362643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Why would you not want to sell your PSP for a Vita? Better resolution, BC, two thumbsticks, touchscreen, etc.

jack_burt0n2643d ago

Ummmm i dont condone illegal activities but for emulation an old psp is second to none for things like cps, neogeo, mame its an incredible machine. Keep your vita legit!!!!!!

Theyellowflash302643d ago

Yeah the PSP is a hackers dream. Vita probably won't be. At 249 though you can't go wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.