Will the Wii U be Worth the Upgrade?

Technorati: At the 2011 E3 conference in Los Angeles, gaming company Nintendo announced the Wii U, the successor to their popular Wii system. Boasting many upgrades to the original Wii, the Wii U will have full 1080P graphics, a new IBM processor, and a controller that features an LCD screen built in. The question is, however, will these additions make the Wii U worth upgrading to? In order to answer that, we have to look at the features to see how much more advanced the Wii U is compared to its predecessor.

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thugbob2580d ago

Actually I think it is if you have a Wii. HD graphics alone is justifiable in my opinion. Plus you can still use your Wii accessories with it.

If you have a PS3 or a 360 I wouldn't recommend shelling out some $400 on a system that might be on par with the one you already have and will lack features such as BluRay.

Warprincess1162580d ago

Yeah but what hardcore gamer only owns a Wii?

Army_of_Darkness2580d ago

Only if your a nintendo mascot fan. Which i grew out of since the n64.

--Onilink--2580d ago

my guess is he cant even pay for his own games, let alone another console, so thats where is need to hate anything he cant own comes from.

TIP:true hardcore gamers are the ones that appreciate each unique thing every consoles gives, so it buys all of them(or almost all).

And if u cant see anything unique on the wii u....then u have some issues

matey2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

How many times is this poor site going to try and make out WiiU is same power as ps3 its getting old now lets stop playing games and swallow the truth THAT ZELDA HD TECH WAS TOO ADVANCED TO BE REPICATED ON PS3/360 IWATAS/JAP DEVS WORDS VALVE/EPIC/CRYTEK HAVE SAID ITS ALOT MORE POWERFUL

Right look on TomsGuide where IBM/AMD have wrote a few tidbits about there WiiU chips and AMD the way they say were using our best graphics tech available means Custom Radein HD gpu in WiiIU will be based off 7000 series as AMD say there most current technology so HD 4000 isnt what WiiU is based off try HD7000
IBM have clearly stated it has Watsons brains in a Power 7 with at least 4 cores at 3.6ghz would make the cpu exact 50% more powerful but can perform 4/5 times better it has the latest memory tech only seen in a few IBM chips to date go read it all at

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EYEamNUMBER12580d ago

if you don't think its worth it to upgrade from the wii to the wii u then you must be on some serious crack

nopunctuation2580d ago

If your parents have been cruel enough to keep you away from HD gaming and state of the art consoles, then Wii U will seem like a huge leap when they buy it for you. For the rest of us gamers out there, it will be pretty underwhelming. Ive always had a theory on why nintendo was afraid of HD and I think this picture explains it.

Seferoth752580d ago

LOL State of the art consoles.... Yes if state of the art is 3 year old tech when it launches...

Achtung2580d ago

I don't think you know the definition of "state of the art"

fatstarr2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

of course it will be worth it, but if ppl wanna stay in the past and stick with the wii forever be my guest.
i will be sittin frosty in my room enjoyin my wiiu because it is in every sense of the word an upgrade to the wii,

the only ppl that have been underwhelmed by the wiiu are those that think the hdtwins have better looking games than the pc.

Achtung2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )


Wii U mad?


Holy crap!!! you only have one bubble and this is what you come up to?

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firemassacre2580d ago

more consoles = more fun
more fun = less stres
less stress = good thing
mario is a stress reliever
mario is on wii u so answer = YES

jacksonmichael2580d ago

Mario is a stress reliever? Only if you're good at it. Lol.

ChickeyCantor2580d ago

Upgrade to what??
Im buying a new system!

And hell yes, I want F-zero with this....I hope they make the 30 players online possible ( mario kart did 12...I WANTS THE 30 Nintendo!!)

Spinal2580d ago

Id say wait for price drops which is all too common. And I won't buy this til a full version of that Zelda tech demo is released.

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