E3: In-Depth Gotham City Impostors Impressions (Reflectzyn)

Colin Fogle: "This years E3 was my first time experiencing a large trade show packed full of unreleased games. It was a bit overwhelming having so much to choose from and only so much time. There were long lines at times and for several games I waited more than an hour to play for ten minutes. I didn’t even consider standing in the behemoth 6-7 hour line for Battlefield 3. In the end, my personal “Game of Show*” was tucked away behind a giant “Batman: Arkham City” booth right next to some child-friendly Kinect titles from Warner Brothers."

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YourFriendQuinn2577d ago

This game looks like a good time. That guy in the kilt on the promo image is my hero.

RonaldRaygun2577d ago

Yeah, Kilt Guy is a beast, no doubt :). I love how they have characters ranging from a 500lb beast swinging a bear trap from a chain, to a 95lb girl on rollerskates.

YourFriendQuinn2577d ago

Yeah I like the variance too. And I would just like to point out that the 500 lbs batman's shotgun is just as big as the small Harley Quinn. Which is awesome.

gameguidedog2576d ago

I have to agree, this game looked like a blast!