Shadows of the Damned – Achievement / Trophy Completion Guide (Includes Video)

RipTen: Shadows of the Damned is EA’s newest survival horror franchise. If you are looking to complete all the Achievements / Trophies, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

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SpaceSquirrel2638d ago

I can't wait to play SOTD. It looks like a lot of fun.

xPhearR3dx2638d ago

It definitely looks interesting.

jaredhart2638d ago

It's a pretty good game...refreshing.

Grimhammer002638d ago

Just keep in mind you got 3 difficulties that must be finished to get their trophies. Can't just play on insane right from the start and get the lower difficulty trophies.

But it's fun and fresh. Loved it!


Awesomeness I really want this game.

Hitman07692638d ago

Nice I will check this game out soon for sure!

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