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The controller online writes "If you’re anything like me, you have been watching UFC/MMA for a while and have even thought about taking a class or two, but there always seems to be an excuse why you can’t. Now, with the release of “UFC – Personal Trainer” we can all train like the UFC pro’s in the comfort of our homes; therefore, you can take whatever excuse you used in the past and put it in a choke hold. THQ and Heavy Iron Studios teamed up to bring us one of the best fitness games the Kinect will ever see, by using real MMA techniques taught by the best trainers in the world, will leave you tired, sore and wanting more."

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MOTY2608d ago


WOW, I am surprised. I am going to pick this up then. I was wondering how it would be.

If it's as good a work out as this review states, then I am very excited.

oohWii2608d ago

I heard that there were some hanging issues because the software is constantly trying to upload data during your workouts. Perhaps they reviewed a patched version.

TCO_John2607d ago

They have fixed the freezing problem.

Redgehammer2608d ago

You can certainly tell the reviewer is pumped!!

tcoscott2608d ago

The freezing is fixed, it was on the server end so no patch needed.

KonaBro2608d ago

I saw it in the store for $50 and wanted to get it but only if it actually provided exercise I didn't get from EA's Active 2.