LulzSec members yet to retire; Join BlackkatSecurity?

Apparently two out of six LulzSec divisions have accepted the invitation to join BlackkatSecurity. Speculation is rife that LulzSec's withdrawal as a single unit will give way for its members to reorganize and attack different targets. PSN was mentioned.

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BornCursed2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I knew Blackkatsec was going to get a few of the main agents Like Lulzsec_Ops and others.
They always do. Good thing is we will hear much less from them. They are mostly covert in what they do.

I_find_it_funny2488d ago

you'll hear about them when PSN is down next time

NewMonday2488d ago

you know their real names, nationality, family members, pictures, Facebook pages are reveals already, getting "DOX'd" they call it.

it happened at around the same time they "retired"

egidem2488d ago

This is precisely what happens to people when you stop giving them attention. They get bored and retire. It even works on people in their 20s.

consolez_FTW2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Though they may join Blackkatsec, their Lulz will be with them forever. Especially since Lulzsec started to crumble towards their end. Who will take them serously now? not me, I'll ignore them.

zag2488d ago

probably a cia spy group looking for info

paladinaz2488d ago

Losers... Why should we care about their members? Write news which are related to gaming, not computer nerds.

femshep2488d ago

ha see i knew they weren't gonna stop, scumbags never do....find em throw em in jail and then throw away the key best way to deal with them