Dead Island Passes Classification in Australia

AusGamers reports that Techland's gory zombie FPS has passed classification in the usually very strict country of Australia, receiving an MA 15+ rating with a content warning of "Strong horror violence, blood and gore".

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billythepunk2397d ago

All this does is add weight to the idea our system in Australia is utterly inconsistent and needs a full overhaul

Gazman2397d ago

Totally agree, I was starting to think this will have to be another import

GrumpyVeteran2397d ago

Happy in a way...

But seriously we need the R18+ rating asap.

keith-ps32397d ago

suicidalblues is a homo, i hope this is better then l4dead

jozzah2397d ago

Quite happy. But seriously how is left for dead worse than this?

f7897902391d ago

It wasn't which exposes how shitty their system is.

jozzah2390d ago

I live in the country dammit hahaha

barcool622388d ago

dead rising 2 beter then that game