Uncharted 3 Beta 1.01 Patch Notes

Arne from posts: Much, much earlier today, Wednesday, June 29, we pushed out the 1.01 update to the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta. Full patch notes to the update are listed here.

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MysticStrummer2577d ago

After this update I went from not being able to play at all to playing just about all day. I thought UC2's multiplayer was ok, but I never got sucked in like many did. For whatever reason, this seems much more fun to me. Good stuff.

king052577d ago

Yea, the connection is perfect now and the multiplayer has improved in every way.

metsgaming2577d ago

now that it runs fix the clunky unfluid gameplay, thanks

metsgaming2577d ago

sorry i love uncharted and im not going to act like they didnt change the gameplay they obviously have and not for the better. This must be fixed or there is no way it can surpassed UC2. The kickbacks and boosters are lame but i can deal with those addition i just want it to feel like it used to that is ALL.

MidnytRain2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

That's too much work on a hard-working studio like ND. A better and faster solution is to become so beastly, that everyone ELSE complains about the controls. It is sweet, I must say.

Dare I say, ND intentionally made the controls "worse" to make a more balanced multiplayer. Throwing grenades is no longer instantaneous, so last second grenade kills are far less common. Also, rolling, jumping, and movement in general is more natural to prevent the cheap things some "talented" players in UC2 were able to do,

The only complaint I have is the AK-47's heavy and sporadic recoil makes it useless at long ranges. If they tone that down, then UC3 will be a different, but awesome multiplayer experience.

Kur02577d ago

I find that the gameplay is more solid, no more bunny hopping!

cervantes992577d ago

I played all last night without a single issue. Play was fast, smooth and lag-free :)

LoneWanderer092576d ago

I read some where that the lock for the Rank was 25, but i seen some people who are level 27.

Can anyone tell me the real lock on the rank?