Judge orders NI teenager to surrender XBOX

A High Court judge in Belfast has ordered a teenage boy charged with a series of robberies to surrender his XBOX games console as part of the conditions of him being freed on bail.

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Dart892459d ago

Are they insane??He's gonna go on a rampage cuz he can't play cod >_<.

Warprincess1162459d ago

Sigh seriously stop stereotyping. The "Only kids play COD" joke isn't funny anymore.

killerhog2459d ago

yeah trolls play it too ^^^

Roymunson2459d ago

pretending your a girl when your really a guy isn't funny anymore either.

X-DominusRebellis-X2459d ago

Writing a sentence where every word's beginning letter is an "S" isn't cool either!

firemassacre2459d ago

yea, no more kinectimals for him, poor kid.

DrRichtofen2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

man that sucks for him, I would never want to give up a gold plated xbox.

kreate2459d ago

he should give the judge a RROD'd one and keep the gold one.

Shani2459d ago

If they take away my PS3 then I would just play on PC or play friend's PS3. But that's when I do anything wrong and go to jail.

NovusTerminus2459d ago

Ehhhhh... What was this supposed to accomplish?

killerhog2459d ago

that the judge is really punishing this kid lol. this will get to him

2459d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.