America's Army demo on XBL

HOO-AH! America's Army: True Soldiers reporting for duty! In demo form. On The Land Of The Free's Xbox Live Marketplace. 535MB.

As the description says: "Created by Soldiers, Developed by Gamers, Tested by Heroes".

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gw4k3973d ago

Hummmm, I will check it out and get back to you all.

gw4k3973d ago

This is just a game. Do not go out and sign up for the forces because the game is cool...

I like how this was put....

"Created by Soldiers, Developed by Gamers, Tested by Heroes". Vomited on by me.

royalracoon3973d ago

I played this demo last night. DO NOT waste bandwith downloading it.

riqued3973d ago

This game is design to recruit soldiers?
Why the US army puts so many ads in gaming sites?

N4GayFanturds3973d ago

Redstorm can (once again) prove their worth to Ubisoft by showing them what the GRAW series should've been like (better hit detection, ability to go inside buildings, First-Person ONLY, etc.)

I'll be checking this one out fo' sure!

God of Gaming3973d ago

My oh my.. this game was bad. It looks about 7 years old and plays as if it was the first FPS on a console. With COD4 out this next week this game looks and plays horribly.

media733973d ago

The pc version is amazing and free :)

Silver Bull3t3973d ago

Full Spectrum Warrior Pt2?

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