Ms. Splosion Man on sale early but there is a catch

XBLAFANS writes: When the Ms. Splosion Man beta ended this week it left us wanting more. However, when we tried to buy Ms. Splosion Man, we noticed one steep price: 4,294,967,295 Microsoft Points (approximately 53 million dollars). Seeing as that is slightly out of our price range, we can’t ‘Splode our frilly bows away until release day: July 13th.

Ms. Splosion Man is the sequel to Splosion Man, but Twisted Pixel promises there are more changes than just a bow on the top of the main characters head. We had the opportunity to talk to them at E3 this year where they mentioned the ability to race against ghost replays of friends. If you missed out on the beta then you can check out our hands-on preview to keep yourself from ‘Sploding.

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sickpup2642d ago

Not the first time this has happened. Last time the points were all 9s though so I guess this is cheap for a pre-release!