MS: Kinect more accurate now than at launch, not done yet

123KINECT: We have been writing about an accuracy update coming to Kinect for months now, but turns out that supported by software updates, the Kinect sensor is already able to be more accurate than it was at launch.

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Bigpappy2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Well this was what got me excite when I read that M$ was buying out 3D-Z. I knew M$ could develop the tech at a much quicker rate than 3D-Z could ever dream of.This is now all about refinements and software, M$ has the $ to get who ever is needed to get this tech to it maximum potential. It will take time to be fully realized, but it will be full realized.

gamingdroid2638d ago

More importantly they also believe in the technology and fully stand behind it.

You can have the dollars, push out a bunch of half hearten titles to rack up the support, but nobody wants to play them.

It's about defining new experiences people want and have the focus to do so.

MintBerryCrunch2638d ago

i dont get you are a firm supporter of MS....yet you keep referring to MS as M$...people usually use that to go after MicroSoft and attack it

kamakaz3md2638d ago

im sorry to say it, but its unplayable for me, i just think its to laggy, n will never be 100% accurate, sadly. you can even see when people are playing it lags... just like fable the journey, just snapping the horse reigns was laggy lol

maniacmayhem2638d ago

You mean that MS can update and add improvements for Kinect through software updates??

No no no, that's not what everyone on n4g said when this first launched! Who do i believe?


gypsygib2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Still hasn't shown that it's useful for core games. Even Child of Eden, it's major core game (still on rails) controls much worse with Kinect than a pad according to reviewers.

The current hardware will never be good enough, maybe Kinect 2 will revolutionize controls but what's out now can't even control simple games. Great potential, still too early.

Bigpappy2638d ago

You are reading the wrong reviews. I have only see 1 reviewer who supports what you say and another who admitted never using the game with Kinect but gave an average score. The fact is, you can write your own review then submit it here on N4G and it will be approved by the anti-Kinect crowd. Go to known sites and name 2 that said it was better with the controller.

Don't just say stuff man. There have been many reviews submitted here on the site. Just go read a few and you would see that it is agree by most that the game is "better with Kinect".

strickers2638d ago

listening to the IGN,Gamespot,Videogamer,Shackn ews podcasts they mostly hate Kinect(and say Child of Eden is better with a pad,except Shacknews)
Some of them like Child of Eden but say you need to play with a pad if you want to go for scores,due to Kinect lack of accuracy.

Most reviews for Kinect are not great bar a few mainstream places that write what MS and people like you want to hear.
Despite success Kinect had lower review scores than Move from most places.

The thing I don't understand is,despite the fact it's obvious the concept of a controllerless system is flawed(and the execution way off)some people still are cheerleaders for it.
I can understand it if you LOVE dancing but for proper games,really?

2638d ago
2v12638d ago

look like bpapi ang gamingdroid are the only 1s that like kinect out of the whole n4g cummunity.

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