What is With the Special Edition Hype?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Years ago, when a new game was released, there were no questions to ask. There was one game to get, and you either bought it, or you didn't. Now, with special and collector's editions running rampant, how do you know which copy to buy? Do you enjoy all of the little extras and the extra disc of behind the scenes footage? Or do you just want to tear right through the shrink wrap and get right down to playing the game? It's a lot to think about when some of these more prestigious editions can cost $150 bucks of your hard earned cash.

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solidsnake2222454d ago

It's all in the metallic case for me ;)

agentxk2454d ago

Except in the case of halo 3. Remember they had to recall all of the ones with the metal case because the discs got all scratched up!

blitz0x2454d ago

Super special edition :P

DarkBlood2454d ago

what solidsnake said

i just love me metal cases i could do without all that other stuff to be honest

agentxk2453d ago

I do enjoy the good metal cases, i guess

Neckbear2453d ago

These, and the artbooks. Don't forget the artbooks!

snipes1012453d ago

I used to be all about them...until I realized most (note: that doesn't mean all) of them are just filled with useless junk.

rezzah2452d ago

I like the statues and figures, they look really cool.

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InLaLaLand2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The only steelbooks I got were Killzone 3 and Yakuza 4 just for designs. Other than that, DLC crap just ends up on the store.

Deadman_Senji2453d ago

Because some people like collectibles. I don't personally care as long as I get the game.

badz1492453d ago

good to see someone appreciating other's hobby/interest on here. it's true that we play "games" not "artwork" but artworks exist for the people who appreciate and willing to buy/get them! there's no problem really with SE, CE or whatever they are called! no one force you to buy them anyway!

Nate-Dog2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Man I really hate the steelbooks myself, I thought everyone else did but clearly I was wrong! I think some companies can go a bit far with these editions (I remember AC:Brotherhood had literally 4 different proper CEs last year on release, although in fairness those were all pretty good, while a lot of other companies can just make the one and it can be pretty sucky). Only special edition / collectors edition of any game I have now is LBP2 (which in EU was rubbish, just a metal box and DLC) and the Mass Effect CE which I thought was awesome, found it locally (after getting into the series at the start of the year when I got an X360) for just €30 with everything was so happy. ^_^

I'm still on the lookout for the ACII Black Edition too, ACII is one of my favourite games ever but I was barely interested in it when it first came out. There's almost always someone on eBay selling one but they're so expensive, I'm just waiting for a deal that I'll hopefully eventually find before everyone that wants to sell them gets to do so.

bloodybutcher2453d ago

haaaa,i got black edition when i was living in england:P i also remember seing alot of them in stores after some time...perhaps should have buy them and put on ebay,ehhh...

Nate-Dog2452d ago

I've seen brand new ones up for over £100 currently (although no-one seems to want to pay that). Also the last few weeks a lot of people who are selling it seem to be doing so because they need funds so I think almost all of the people that bought it new so they could sell it on later on for profit have pretty much all sold theirs already.

montyburns0002453d ago

i always hated special editions, they always clash with the rest of your games or don't fit the shelf.

more companies should pack the regular retail case into the box.

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