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TPV Writer Gage Larkins writes: "Half Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax is more than just an incredibly long title, it’s an innovative adventure that takes the gamer on an experience unlike any before. For some god-forsaken reason, an old man is traveling around to the evil beings of the world and teaches them how to cast a spell, not just any normal magic spell though, this one can end the world in 30 seconds! This is how the game takes off from the very beginning. An atmosphere of rushed emotions and quick decisions creates an incredible gaming experience, and over at Opus Games, let’s just say they achieved their mission."

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HaVoK3082486d ago

Excellent game! Highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the particular genre and gameplay.

kingdavid2486d ago

I played the trial version and thought it was utterly crap. (Felt like a flash game).

Whats the main draw here? Does it get better?

HaVoK3082484d ago

It's not for you. Move along.