$20 PSN Cards and 1600 MSP Cards on Sale

PSN and MSP cards are a great way to make purchases on PSN. They are also the safest way, which is why I have never linked my credit card to PSN or XBL. Instead, I always buy point cards. Today, it seems they are also the best deal. You can now get these cards 25% off. You may want to stock up from goHastings; this deal doesn’t turn up often!

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Deios2576d ago

Good deal if it was a store I know, like Amazon, Bestbuy etc.

guitarded772575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Hastings is a book/music/video/games store... they're all over South Texas. I just went in the other day and picked up Army of Two 40th Day and Tekken 6 new for $10 each. They are a real store and also sell directly on Amazon as gohastings, so calm your fears.

ThanatosDMC2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Didn't know you lived in south Texas. Now, I'm scared that you added me on PSN. Hahaha...

I'm looking at Google maps and can't find one in Houston just Hasting high school and a Hastings apartment.

Edit: found one but it's about an hour away from Houston.

LOGICWINS2575d ago

"Wad u say about Texas?"

LMAO, best Spongebob episode ever!

Neo Nugget2576d ago

I'll see if Amazon will match it :)

WildArmed2575d ago

Aye, my reaction exactly.
They are non-existent up here in the north.

lochdoun2576d ago

Is GoHastings Canadian or something?

Cablephish2575d ago

lol, because everything that nobody knows about comes from Canada.

I've never heard of it either for your information.

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The story is too old to be commented.