RAGE Special Edition with RAGE Wing Stick & Numbered Print; EB Games Exclusive | Esperino

EB Games have announced the RAGE Special Edition this morning. The RAGE Special Edition will come bundled with an Anarchy Edition, A3 RAGE Print, RAGE Wing Stick and Gang Badges.

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DrFUD2575d ago

because as the gangs wear buttons

emmerin2575d ago

what gang doesn't wear buttons?

DrFUD2574d ago

Must've had a brain cramp yesterday because my original post was supposed to say because ALL the gangs wear buttons.

plmkoh2575d ago

These are Australian price, which are quite normal.

sickbird2575d ago

gotcha, sucks to be australian.

KillerPwned2575d ago

Personally i think this is one of the worst special editions of 2011 i have seen yet. Just preorder the regular edition and get that free upgrade.

Esperino2575d ago

I just updated the article with a bit more information in regards to the RAGE Anarchy Edition and RAGE Special Edition comparison:

"The RAGE Anarchy Edition was originally at the same price and has since been removed from the EB Games website. Essentially the RAGE Special Edition is an upgrade of the RAGE Anarchy Edition for no extra charge.

I assume if you already pre-ordered the RAGE Anarchy Edition from EB Games you'll automatically be upgraded to this edition, but please check with your local EB Games for confirmation."

Bay2575d ago

What on EARTH is that wing stick?

Swiggins2575d ago

I don't know, but it looks like a cross between a frisby and a shuriken!

acemonkey2575d ago

free with pre order im already upgraded?

Esperino2574d ago

I asked about it today. If you preordered the RAGE Anarchy Edition at EB prior to the Special Edition announcement, your preorder will be upgraded.

The SKUs in the system has been changed to reflect the update in product.

acemonkey2574d ago

cool when was the announcement lol?

Esperino2574d ago

You mean RAGE Special Edition? It got revealed yesterday :) I asked about the upgrade last night so its still relatively new

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